Spokesperson and Lifestyle Advocate


Wardrobe Stylist

My fashion expertise makes me a valuable part of any team responsible for creating looks for editorial and celebrity appearances.

Home Staging

When selling a home, my home staging expertise can make the difference in creating buyer interest in the property.

About Me

Whether fashion style or home style, Helen Powers knows fashion in your home and in your closet. Its all about making the most stylish choice to flatter your lifestyle and self. New York based, international fit model Helen Powers is valued in the fashion industry for her insightful point of view and incredible knowledge of style. Helen has helped shape the look of womens fashion for 30 years and carries her incredible expertise and experience into home design, decor, and wardrobing. A world traveler, she is inspired by the culture and resources of the style capital in which she has spent her professional life. Helen seamlessly combines New York sophistication with Palm Beach elegance to curate the perfect recipe for coastal chic.

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