Successfully maintaining her career as mother, fit model, designer, and former store owner, HELEN POWERS is a multifaceted business woman inspired by her enthusiasm for fitness, health, and well being.



Helen wanted to create a travel bag that would function for her busy work schedule, and her exercise and fitness regime. She noticed a void in the market for a single bag that would serve a variety of needs. When going to the gym after work, she didnʼt like having to carry two bags—the creation of the POWER BAG ended this dilemma! Highly sought after, the bag was personally selected by Oprah a featured in “O” magazine and praised by luminaries of the fashion industry. It has been featured in various magazines and the prestigious Wall Street Journal. New York’s Fox 5 News also featured Helen’s bag in Shape Magazine’s “Favorite Bags” alongside others from Gucci, Prada, and other top designers.

Currently, Helen is working on a new Power Bag for QVC London. She is redesigning the bag to accomodate the latest trends in technology such as Blackberries, iPhones, iPads and more. 

“I am just so impressed with Helen’s POWER BAG. The design, the quality, the fabrication are all just wonderful.” 
Christine Alt, Plus-Size Supermodel and Beauty & Fashion Expert


was a retail experience created by Helen to bring a “feel good, smell good, live well” store to women. The boutique carried an array tranquilof skin care products, soaps, candles, jewelry, yoga clothes, gifts, and the POWER BAG. There were also small Yoga classes offered during the week at the Westchester County, New York store.
Both of these endeavors are components of Helen’s dream to create a range of products that also include a fitness DVD and a line of clothing that will meet the needs of busy women everywhere.